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23 September 2011 @ 08:16 pm
you must feel so left out. my poor lj. i spend most of my days on tumblr. it's not that i don't like lj anymore.

life has been okay. i'm gonna go a look at an apartment tomorrow. i'm very excited about this. it finally feels like i could get one. yikes. but i'm trying not to get my hopes up.

the new grey's anatomy episodes have been great. cried a lot. i understand all the hate derek gets, but i get him. and i don't really understand how people can ship a couple and then say they hate one part of the couple.

i think i try and update my lj atleast once a month now. let's see if i will do this.
23 February 2011 @ 05:31 pm
i feel like i should update here again.
work has been kinda stressy and it is not gonna slow down for some weeks but i like it that way.
my b-day is in two weeks and i am not excited, but well that has been this way for some time now. i'm not a little kid anymore.

well i'm really into mad men these days. rewatching s1.
grey's anatomy. oh i could go on, here how great the old days were but i am not gonna do that because i have done it enough. maybe season seven can still surprise me.
private practice is freakin' AMAZING this season. love it.
i haven't watched a whole episode of lost since the finale episode aired, but i am gonna start rewatching it pretty soon.
friends. my show. i wanna rewatch it too BUT my friend's mother borrowed my s2 dvds in september and i don't have them back yet. when i finally asked how far she was with watching, she said she was done and would like to borrow s3. it is not that i have a problem with borrowing my beloved dvds (except i have) but you don't borrowed something for MONTHS and than have the nerve to ask for more. well i said that she could borrowed the s3 dvds because yeah that is me. i can't really say no.

i'm playing around with photoshop a lot. trying out different colourings. gradients are my new love. they are really awesome. i never paid attention to them before. but they can do so many pretty things.
mood: boredbored
30 January 2011 @ 07:15 pm
the madhouse tumblr is now in my life and i like it.
and well i spend a lot of time playing around with photoshop, trying out colourings, deleting everything i make, regreting the not saving anything afterwards, look around lj and tumblr for inspiration. but it is fun.
something else. ga is back next week and pp too. i am excited, how the whole pregnancy issue is gonna go. and the drama with addison & her mom.
i started with mad men sseason four. i think i will be able to watch season five with the us. they haven't started to air season five yet, right?

take care ;)
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